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Our services " all around picture "

They lay value on quality? Their paintings need special treatment?
Then you are lifted with us very well!

  • We are Round-um-service providers for restorations of paintings / picture frame and adjoining areas.
Segler Segler
Landschaft Landschaft
before after
  • They have inherited only one picture from grandma and the colors are dirtily, the frame a little bit pushed?
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  • We refresh no fear, also these dear-become "souvenirs" and remove the small damages.
Fossil Fossil
Goethe Goethe
before after

They want to drive with the picture not subway?

  • Is also not necessary. We offer you a service of delivery in the area of Berlin and surroundings which Abhol-and Bringdienst contain.
Truhe Truhe
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For us it plays no role whether a customer comes for the first time, regular customer is, or how big his order is. They are discussed carefully and served.

Do you have questions? Do you need our professional consultation?

We help you with pleasure!






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