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We are glad about your interest in the lifelike animal portraits of
Torsten H. Kluckert

What does this cost?

Pastel drawings (chalk):
In the size from 30cm x 40cm ab 180,-- €    
  40cm x 50cm ab 230,-- €    
  50cm x 60cm ab 280,-- €    
2 animals in a picture 70cm x 50cm   380,-- bis 450,-- €    
Miniatures to 15 cms of outside dimension, framed max. 15cm     80,-- bis 120,-- €    
Oil pictures:
(with painted background,
z. z.B. scenery)

Oil pictures:
(Head portrait)

In the size from 30cm x 40cm ab 360,-- € ab 230,-- €
  40cm x 50cm ab 520,-- € ab 450,-- €
  50cm x 60cm ab 770,-- € ab 680,-- €

The prices get on incl. 7% MWSt, frames and mount (Forwarding expenses specially).

Interprices and special dimensions are possible coordinatedly at your wishes.

Which execution you also choose, we need an especially good, clear photo of your "darling" as a presentation (if possibly, negatives cosend). They get back the documents naturally. Since, the better the presentation so much the better the result.

Then all other possibilities can be discussed with pleasure by telephone.

We need approx. 3 weeks for a picture and would be glad if we have won a new customer in you.

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